06 January, 2021
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Project Story: MetaDOS

06 January, 2021

MetaDOS is a Metaverse Battle Royale game using Blockchain Technology that can be played on PC/Mobile/VR with super high-quality.

MetaDOS splash art

The Unique Points

MetaDOS has some of the best features for a Battle Royale game:

  • Support up to 200 players
  • Each character has different abilities
  • Time-as-currency system, similar to In Time movie (2011)

How MetaDOS use DOS ecosystem

MetaDOS uses all available tools and service on DOS such as: DOS Chain, DOSwap, DOScan and DOSafe.

“We have reduced the development cost and time to a half when we using DOS ecosystem.“

Quang Nguyen – CEO

The Results

MetaDOS has reached.

Ready to get started?

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