22 January, 2021
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Project Story: Heroes & Empires

22 January, 2021

OverSky is the leading Web3 game developer and publisher in Southeast Asia. They are well-known by the popular NFT RPG game Heroes & Empires and battle royale game OverSpell.

Heroes & Empires was first released on BNB Chain but the OverSky team decide to bring the game to DOS and become the first game on our network.

Heroes & Empires splash art

What are the reasons?

Being stuck with the high gas fees and slow transactions of the former network, the team was looking for a better solution for a long time.

There are two main reason why OverSky team make the move to DOS:

  • Efficient: Instant transaction with near-zero gas fees
  • Complete: A full ecosystem for gaming projects.

DOS Chain is fast with a capacity of over 4500 TPS while keeping the latency less than 1 second.

DOS Chain has a complete ecosystem: Wallet, Bridge Portal, DEX, NFT marketplace, Game Engine SDK, marketing solutions and distribution channels.

What are the results?


„we have reached…“

Kaka, CEO

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